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  • Global Registration of Agrochemicals.
  • Preparation of Agrochemical registration documents.
  • Generation of Toxicology, Chemistry, Bioefficacy data through GLP laboratories.
  • New Formulation Development.

AgriBusiness and Consultant, one of the sterling project management consultants in India provides innovative solution to their clients need, specialization in registering their Pesticides, Bio-Pesticides products under the Insecticides Act-1968.

As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Agri Business & Consultants was established in the year 1983 by Mr. N. N. Mishra, an consultant of the Agrochemical. He has wide experience and has contributed several innovative products in the agricultural field. Mr.N.N.Mishra being himself a farmer and a scientist has contributed in building AgriBusiness as an organization of repute and the most preferred brand in several countries.

We have a state-of-the-art R&D facility to analysed chemical equivalence, Toxicity study, bio-efficacy with team consisting of several scientists continuously striving towards improvising and innovating newer products. We have deployed several testing equipment from the industry leaders to test the consistency and quality of the product and in analyzing and implementing the newer innovation. We have also tie-up with reputed universities and research stations to make the success field trial and testing of the new molecules.


We possess state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities. Our facilities include sophisticated machines for producing manures. We have a team of agricultural experts, plant physiologists who have knowledge about the exact composition of various chemicals to produce pesticides and manures. Our manufacturing unit is provided with all the safety measurements to prevent against any exigency.

Our professionals as well as workers working in our plant are provided with masks to prevent them from various harmful acids and gases. No personnel is allowed within the premises without mask. We also conduct farmers' meetings, demonstrations and group discussions to update the latest happenings in the field and educate the farmers to implement the SANBIO products effectively.

Research & Development

We have latest R&D facilities which are highly modernized and consists of all testing tools and equipment. Our scientists are highly qualified and continuously conduct research on the products to enhance their features as well as the quality.

Market research, feed backs and the performance of the fertilizers and manures are taken into consideration while developing the products. We have software and research associates who work in complete harmony with each other to produce the most unique and innovative solution for agricultural industry.

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